protect. colour. optimise. In construction.

Reconfiguring mineral surfaces in construction! With multi-functional finishes, environmentally-friendly applications and authentic colourfulness. This is what we specialise in at the PSS Interservice Group in Switzerland and Germany. We particularly focus upon substrates of exposed concrete, sandstone and artificial stone. We provide protection, correction and colour for facades, ceilings, walls and floors with appropriate specific technologies. Including precisely accurate service from our PSS specialists.


1991 is the year PSS was founded as a company. The company started with the unique and patented product system PSS 20 and the idea of equipping demanding historical buildings and current architectural projects with it, nationally and internationally. Convinced of this, our company founder Peter Andrea Buchli (†) impressed architects and builder-owners. He started off as a one-man company in Geroldswil near Zurich. Just one year later, he founded the subsidiary company in Berlin for the German market. Step by step, the company’s own service teams are being built up. They ensure quality and precisely accurate service. He managed the PSS Interservice Group for more than 30 years until, with the agreement of his family, he handed the firm over to his long-standing Managing Director Malte Schnürle at the end of 2021. As part of the cooperation with international laboratories and with enthusiasm for special solutions for the surface treatment of mineral surfaces in construction, the portfolio was developed and consistently expanded over the course of the company’s history – always with the focus on the special configuration of mineral surfaces in construction.


PSS Interservice now works throughout Switzerland and Germany from its respective headquarters with support points in the sales regions. For customers and interested parties, our experienced PSS area managers and their consultants and service teams are capable local contacts. PSS is now a service partner in all metropolises all over Switzerland and Germany and a capable contact of nationwide companies and (architectural) projects.


The company’s history started off with the PSS 20 polysaccharide technology. The reversible sacrificial layer system has now been successfully used for more than 30 years and now suits the times more than ever. This dirt and graffiti protection is based purely on renewable raw materials and is an absolutely environmentally-friendly option for the value preservation of buildings. Our PSS portfolio is subject to consistent further development and with our sustainability strategy “Plant B.” we evolve surface treatment systems based predominantly on renewable raw materials. “Plant B.” stands as a synonym for plan B, an excellent alternative for conventional solutions, and at the same time it stands for “plant based”, which is to say products based predominantly on renewable raw materials. PSS 20 was and continues to be our first “Plant B.” product system – already created in 1991!

The faceal technology was added to our portfolio. Initially, faceal products were transparent, multifunctional and permanent surface protection systems, which are distinguished by highly efficient efficacy and many other product characteristics. The faceal product portfolio has been diversified and specified through goal-oriented further development with specialised international laboratories. The product systems solutions range from special hydrophobisations to (high-performance) impregnations to coatings. In further development steps pigmented surface treatments were created, which led PSS to the colour design of buildings, or more specifically to coloured concrete.

Currently, in 2022, the first “Plant B.” product is being launched in the faceal line. A transparent high-performance surface protection – extremely dirt-repellent, extremely water-repellent, extremely abrasion-resistant and of course predominantly based on renewable raw materials such as wheat, corn, turnips and tree resin.


Our qualified technical specialists make the extra difference. In the individual consultations, our area managers and consultants focus upon the property-specific solutions and precisely accurate project management. The PSS service teams are specialists in the treatment of surfaces in construction and possess trained know-how and many years of professional experience. Our PSS specialists usually have special training in the painting or plastering trade or even in church painting. The construction site managers include technicians and masters of these trades for example. Since our specialist tradesmen are state-of-the-art experts in application processes such as spray technology, they always deliver a professional surface appearance and ensure high quality.


One reference from early on in the company’s history is the Brandenburg Gate, which is today still looked after by our PSS technical specialists in Berlin and kept clean in the framework of the environmentally friendly PSS 20 maintenance concept. Now we have references worth seeing all over Switzerland and Germany. We also have impressive international references in Europe and Northern America, which were carried out by our specialist partners in the respective countries.

Get to know our selected references and the corresponding surface treatments on the website. Our PSS area managers will also be happy to present further references in your region.

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