Coloured concrete

semi-transparent. authentic.

Coloured concrete

faceal Colour – homogeneous, coloured architectural concrete

Successfully producing high-quality exposed concrete depends on more than one parameter. This is even more the case where an even, coloured appearance is required. The trick is to equalise exposed concrete tone in tone in the appropriate shades of concrete grey or exposed concrete in the desired shade. This is carried out with faceal Colour in the chosen degree of opacity in such a way that the vibrant look of the concrete remains visible in a desirable way and the exposed concrete impresses with its homogeneous surface appearance. To achieve this, our consultants, together with architects or builder-owners, make a selection of shades based on our faceal Colour colour fan and lay samples on the original substrate at the customer’s property. Only the interaction between the substrate and the semi-transparent faceal Colour concrete glazes shows the final result.

faceal Colour® Facades Coloured concrete. Simply beautiful and cost-effective.

faceal Colour facades convince with their mineral look and feel. They fascinate with their dull matt, homogeneous appearance in the desired shade. Applied in several finely dosed passes, a velvety soft surface is created that also possesses oleophobic and hydrophobic surface protection: At the same time, lasting surface and weathering protection is applied with the coloured surface treatment. Anyone who has the reversible PSS 20 Construction Phase Protection applied up to the completion of building will receive a seamless clean shade. Coloured concrete can be produced extremely cost-effectively using the high-performance faceal Colour concrete glazes, especially with special shades such as cobalt blue for example.

- semi-transparent
- mineral look and feel
- with oleophobic and hydrophobic protection

faceal Colour colour fan

The faceal Colour colour fan is for the preselection of shades. More than 100 shades are presented in three coverage ratios. In addition to this, all RAL and NCS shades can be produced with faceal Colour concrete glazes. The faceal Colour colour fan is available for free.

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faceal Colour® Effect Facades l Walls Facades and walls with visual impact. Everything except normal.

faceal Colour Effect facades make architectural buildings unique. A range of impressive finishes for exposed concrete can be created using Edition faceal Colour Effect with fascinating effects from metallic to sequin to mother-of-pearl. faceal Colour Effects have high brilliancy and are frequently applied to produce opaque coverage. They are just as suitable for setting accents as for all-over use. An array of 30 effect samples represents the product range. It is even possible to realise all shades according to RAL and NCS in the sequin effect.

- effective surface mica
- metallic, sequin and mother-of-pearl effects
- edition: 30 colours plus RAL and NCS shades

face­al Co­lour Effect

Edi­ti­on Ef­fect

faceal Colour Effect glazes for an extraordinary building. Turn the exposed concrete of your architectural structures into something unique with the new Edition faceal Colour Effect glazes. Indoors and outdoors. In fascinating metallic, sequin and mother-of-pearl effects. Be inspired by the variety of possibilities - simply flick through.

faceal Colour® Interior Coloured concrete. Experience it pure.

With faceal Colour Interior, concrete spaces take on an unmistakeable ambience. The finely pigmented surface treatment enhances exposed concrete into a colourful velvety soft material. The homogeneous, slightly transparent surface appearance supports high-class interior design with its purist expressiveness. faceal Colour Interior is also available in more than 100 standard shades and in any requested RAL and NCS shade. faceal Colour Interior is free of halogens and volatile organic compounds and is suitable for indoors.

- pigmented
- not film-forming
- UV-resistant

faceal Colour® Silikat facades l walls Purely mineral facades. Lasting silicification.

The faceal range is rounded off by faceal Colour Silicate Facades l Walls. Designed on a purely mineral basis, the coloured impregnating concrete glazes provide lasting silicification. faceal Colour Silicate facades are characterised by their natural appearance. When faceal Hydro Colour is used they exhibit better surface protection than conventional mineral glazes.

- pigmented
- hydrophobic
- eco-friendly

faceal Colour® 2K-Facades Coloured concrete. Extremely durable.

Our faceal Colour 2K Facades are ideal for areas of application where there is a need for increased wear resistance and the desire for colourful exposed concrete. This two-component, polyurethane-based product in an aqueous phase is a coating specially designed for concrete. faceal Colour 2K Facades can be created in the more than 100 faceal Colour standard shades and in all RAL or NCS shades.

faceal Colour 2K facades are especially distinguished by RAL graffiti protection certification. Graffiti attacks can be removed several times from the same place by means of chemical and bio-degradable graffiti removers.

- pigmented
- oleophobic and hydrophobic
- certified graffiti protection