PSS services:


protecting. colouring. optimising.

PSS services:

PSS. protecting. colouring. optimising. In construction.


We, PSS Interservice, specialise in the protection and finishing of mineral surfaces in construction. Our own multifunctional PSS and faceal technologies form the basis for property-specific solutions on facades, ceilings, walls and floors. We produce unique, high-quality solutions for your buildings with our specially trained and experienced specialist tradesmen. This way we ensure lasting surface protection and when it comes to design we make your facades and rooms unique and worth seeing.

An overview of all services

New in the portfolio:

faceal Oleo Plant B. – the organically based surface protection

This new sustainable surface protection is based on tree resin and contains more than 50 percent vegetable raw materials. faceal Oleo Plant B. convinces with its extremely strong performance characteristics. The organically based surface protection is extremely oil and water-repellent, extremely abrasion-resistant and naturally bio-degradable. faceal Oleo Plant B. facades, walls and floors are the eco-friendly alternative for protection against dirt and weathering.

PSS 20® Facades Dirt & Graffiti Protection Dirt & Graffiti Protection

Environmentally-friendly concepts for graffiti and dirt are realised with the unique PSS 20 surface protection system based on renewable raw materials.
Find out how construction sites and concrete are protected from the outset with the absolutely eco-friendly and reversible protective film as part of the PSS 20 construction phase protection application. Learn how facades and quarters are kept clean thanks to PSS 20 Facades and in exposed places by the precisely accurate PSS Anti-Graffiti Service.


PSS® Graffiti Removal Graffiti Removal and Cleaning

The value preservation of surfaces in construction is included in PSS Interservice’s DNA. Cleaning and the most faithful restoration possible of the original look of the building’s mineral surface are an established part of this. Here you can find out about the possibilities and performance of the RAL-certified PSS specialists on protected and unprotected substrates.


PSS® Concrete Cosmetics Concrete Cosmetics

Exposed concrete is an important architectural element of modern buildings. During the production of concrete at the construction site, flawed areas can occur in concrete walls and floors. Traces of handling during the construction phase may have damaged the concrete. Get to know the various cosmetic processing options for your exposed concrete to give it the look you want.


PSS® Facade and Wall Design Facade and Wall Design

The PSS consultants are specialists in the treatment of construction surfaces. Since our surface specialists have just as much mastery of sophisticated craft techniques - such as concrete cosmetics and colouring - as they do of state-of-the-art spray technology application processes, they are experts in facade and room design. Here you can find out about the selected portfolio of paint work by specialists.


faceal Colour® Facades and Walls Coloured Concrete

Our faceal Colour brand stands for authentically coloured exposed concrete. With various formulations, the focus is upon finely dosed pigmentation for the retention of the concrete’s characteristic look and typical feel. And it all comes with integrated oil and water-repellent surface protection. Get to know the multifaceted options ranging from tone on tone solutions to colourful shades up to impressive effects produced by attractive faceal exposed concrete design.


faceal® Surface Protection Surface Protection and Finishing

The faceal family of products is the starting point for the advantageous modification of mineral construction surfaces without changing the look of the substrate. Finely dosed professional application by the PSS specialists ensures the desired quality of the surface. faceal is PSS Interservice’s brand for the long-lasting, multifunctional protection of surfaces and buildings. Find out more about how we ensure the cleanliness and value retention of the facades, walls and floors of your properties.


PSS® Maintenance Maintenance and Value Preservation

Mineral surfaces on buildings not only act as a business card, a substantially intact surface contributes decisively to preserving the values of houses, facades and buildings. Our PSS maintenance concepts are always adapted to your requirements and the property-specific circumstances. Here you can find out about the surface protection, one-off measures or even cycle derived from these.