PSS Concrete Cosmetics

correct. optimise.

PSS Concrete Cosmetics

PSS concrete cosmetics for concrete worth seeing

PSS concrete cosmetics is a special construction service. It is a combination of practice-oriented application technology and systematically tried-and-tested materials together with a great deal of know-how, experience and sound instincts. No matter what the surface quality defined in the property-specific individual case, our PSS concrete cosmetics specialists optimise the overall impression made by the respective facade, wall, ceiling or floor. A variety of application techniques are used for this. The result: concrete worth seeing, in defined surface quality.


During the reprofiling of concrete, the PSS concrete cosmetics specialists “repair” the flaws. With special materials and know-how, depressions are filled and made flush with the surface contours.


In a work process consisting of several stages, incorrect formwork patterns can be corrected during structuring, for example. The result is a new concrete structure - deceptively real.


With concrete retouching, a flawless exposed concrete surface is produced with concrete’s characteristic look and feel. Discolourations, rust streaks, concrete milk and reprofiled areas, for example, are visually corrected.

PSS® Concrete cosmetics partial Concrete cosmetics. To the point.

One task of concrete cosmetics is selective correction. Examples of typical cases: the outline of a sleeper or the shadow of graffiti removed from unprotected concrete. Partial concrete cosmetics limits the measure to just the damaged area, with the aim of balancing the area out visually and haptically, so that there is no noticeable difference for an observer.

- partial
- purely mineral
- visual and haptic


Concrete cosmetics

The treated patch may differ from the rest of the concrete in its absorption behaviour and thus also in its soiling characteristics. It is therefore recommended to have the whole area treated with an oleophobic and hydrophobic faceal impregnation. This equalises the absorption and thus also the soiling characteristics, so that they are the same everywhere. The area will not stand out, even in the long term.

PSS 20® Concrete Cosmetics Industrial Look Concrete cosmetics. In industrial design.

With exposed concrete with an urban character there is a need for a focussed and reduced type of correction. Blemishes are visually integrated into the overall appearance with significant interventions. This is not about having perfect exposed concrete. The starting point is usually a lower-quality surface. The correction is realised and implemented on the property in consultation with the customer. The design fits in with a contemporary industrial look.

- pointed
- impressive
- optimised

PSS 20® Concrete cosmetics high-end Beton-Kosmetik. Par excellence.

Concrete cosmetics of the highest quality is carried out for the correction of exposed concrete in high-class construction work. The aim is a homogeneous appearance of the surface while retaining the characteristic vibrancy of the concrete. All the necessary concrete cosmetics application techniques are employed to achieve this. In addition to this a semi-transparent finish is applied for a visually and haptically even surface; equipped with oleophobic and hydrophobic surface protection it is virtually “perfect” exposed concrete.

- all-over
- equalised
- protected

PSS® Cosmetics Finish Fine coating. For concrete.

For all-over reworking, our PSS technical specialists, with PSS Cosmetics Finish, lay an acrylic-based fine coating and cement for a glazing or opaque treatment of concrete surfaces. This produces a homogeneous surface appearance in the desired shade with a mineral surface feel. The high-performance finish is not only suitable for the facade, but also for the design of floors.

- pigmented
- individual coverage ratio
- indoors and outdoors

PSS® Concrete cosmetics imitation Concrete cosmetics. Deceptively real.

The special case: There is no exposed concrete at all or it is defective. In these cases, our PSS concrete cosmetics specialists can create a completely new exposed concrete look. Here, you can choose the structure: formwork panel or board structure, with or without blind holes and many other details. The PSS consultants will advise you in detail on this.