PSS Dirt & Graffiti Protection

reversible. ecological.

PSS Dirt & Graffiti Protection

PSS 20® - RAL-certified and environmentally sound

PSS 20 is an extremely thin protective film based on polysaccharides (starch/cellulose). It is absolutely eco-friendly and harmless. And it is reversible – a so-called sacrificial layer system. The PSS 20 protective film lays upon the surface that is to be protected. By means of gentle pressure and hot water or finely dosed abrasive, the sacrificial layer system can be removed together with dirt and graffiti attacks, without leaving residue.

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Polysaccharides are oligosaccharides composed of several monosaccharides. Through bonds they form starch, for example, and are important in the structure of plants as well as functioning as a form of energy storage

Top layer system

By means of gentle pressure and hot water or finely dosed abrasive, the PSS 20 protective film can be removed together with dirt and graffiti attacks, without leaving residue.

RAL-GZ 841/2-certified

Anyone who wants to make sure that they are receiving qualified surface and graffiti protection can take the RAL quality seal as their guide. The company PSS Interservice offers the well-known sacrificial layer system PSS 20 as a reversible solution.

Swelling before graffiti removal under high pressure with 60°C water on a facade
Graffiti removal under high pressure with 20 bar and water on a facade
Application of a new layer of PSS 20 for protection against graffiti / dirt

PSS 20® Facades Buildings and facades. With eco-friendly graffiti protection.

PSS 20 is used on facades made of concrete and natural stone and especially also on listed buildings. The advantage of the environmentally friendly PSS 20 graffiti protection concepts: no chemical graffiti remover is required. Only the PSS 20 sacrificial layer film is removed by means of gentle pressure and heat. The graffiti can be gathered as solid particles.

- fully reversible
- based on renewable raw materials
- entirely harmless for humans, animals and environment

Environmentally-friendly graffiti protection concepts

PSS 20® Facades

In exposed locations there is a need for graffiti protection concepts. Most of all in sensitive inner-city areas. With PSS 20, this can be achieved in an absolutely environmentally-friendly way. Without solvents. Without graffiti remover. Only with the purely vegetable sacrificial layer system.

PSS 20® Construction Phase Protection Construction sites and concrete. Eco-friendly protection.

The purely vegetable-based PSS 20 protective film stands up to all dirt and impurities such as concrete milk and rust streaks, as well as marks from felt pens and tags. With the service package PSS 20 Construction Phase Protection the PSS service teams ensure prompt application based on construction progress (e.g. floor by floor) as well as the removal of the PSS 20 protective film together with dirt, writing and graffiti attacks.
PSS 20 Construction Phase Protection - fully reversible, it is the eco-friendly and also cost-effective alternative to conventional protection methods such as foils.

- cost-effective service application
- clean for the building inspection, with no residue
- entirely without plastic waste

PSS 20® Facility Facades and quarters. An entirely natural solution in the anti-graffiti service.

PSS 20 Facility - the eco-friendly maintenance concept for the surface and graffiti protection of facades is not only good for the environment, but also for your cost efficiency. Simply all-round protection for facades.

This dirt and graffiti protection, consisting one hundred percent of vegetable polysaccharides, is ideal for the maintenance of buildings. Easy to remove with water and a little gentle pressure, and entirely environmentally-friendly in design, graffiti concepts can be used with no worries anywhere where water can be used for cleaning.

PSS 20® Facility: the graffiti maintenance concept. Simple to handle, simply eco-friendly.

  • ultra-thin, reversible protective film
  • suitable for sensitive substrates (even monument protection)
  • especially in sensitive environments

Logo of ecological graffiti protection in green

Property-specific maintenance concepts

The starting point for your property-specific anti-graffiti maintenance concept is the analysis in which the substrate, graffiti, graffiti tags, previous damage and dirt are examined and the maintenance concept is defined. The location of the property plays a relevant role. For example, if the facade is very dirty because of its street location, or frequently daubed with graffiti or afflicted with graffiti attacks and tags because of its exposed position, choose a run time that suits you. The PSS consultants in Germany and Switzerland will be happy to advise you on this

No lasting daubs or dirt – all-round protection with PSS® Facility

Cycle with PSS® Facility graffiti protection - analysis - initial equipment - maintenance

In the second step, an initial treatment of the areas is carried out: the facades are cleaned, imperfections are repaired and the whole surface receives initial anti-graffiti protection. This is then followed, at the chosen intervals, by the maintenance of the graffiti protection.

The PSS Interservice Group offers the service package PSS 20 Facility in the metropolises of Switzerland and Germany: PSS service sites are located in the following metropolitan regions of Germany: Berlin, Berlin-Brandenburg, Rhine-Ruhr with Duisburg, Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Cologne, Rhine-Main / Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich. In Switzerland in the cities and regions: Basel, Bern, Zurich and Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lausanne and Geneva. In many other regions, qualified service partners provide PSS 20 graffiti protection.