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PSS Facade & wall design

PSS Facade coatings Facades as requested. Shade and use.

For a long-lasting facade we configure according to parameters such as site, substrate, characteristics, use and other relevant aspects. Accordingly, your facade will receive your individual characteristics profile in terms of surface finish and structural physics. For example, we consider resistance to weather, water vapour permeability, gloss level and other aspects.
Whether it is a red facade, a green facade, a blue facade or a yellow facade, our consultants and specialist tradesmen are used to performing finely nuanced and property-specific work. So a white facade is just as much part of our range of services as a striking metallic facade.

- individual requested colours
- professional application process
- defined surface textures

Colourful facades do not have to be gaudy. PSS consultants provide samples on site. Plaster and concrete facades in intense bright colours can be applied here as well as in soft pastel shades. Here you receive an initial overview of how colour looks, based on the basic shades and selected colours. Our PSS consultants will be happy to advise you on your specific project.

Red facade

The colour red stands for energy, love, activity and dominance. Red facades therefore have a strong visual impact on their environment. Red facades need to be implemented with sure instincts – depending on the site, construction style, etc. It is possible to use the colour to only set accents or to create a delicate pink by mixing with white or a dark red by mixing with black.

Blue facade

As a basic principle, blue gives a look of serenity. Blue expresses calm and clarity. Of course, blue facades depend on their mixture and intensity for their specific effect. But unlike red facades, blue facades tend to create an impression of depth, are not obtrusive and create a little distance.

Yellow facade

As the colour yellow represents brightness, wisdom and cheerfulness, yellow facades are a welcome sight and have an extraordinary charm. These colourful surroundings are conducive to joy and a happy mood. Yellow can also be changed by mixing in colours. This ranges from bright yellow vanilla to a fine golden yellow.

Green facade

Green is a mixed colour produced from yellow and blue. Green stands for tranquillity and harmony, and also for immobility. Green facades usually fit in well with their surroundings. Traditionally there used to be more blue-green and dark green facades, but nowadays a bright, fresh grass green or May green is a popular choice.

Metallic facade

Metallic facades are eyecatchers. Previously, this kind of look required metallic facade cladding, but metal effects can be achieved with special coatings.

PSS interior decoration Ceiling and wall. A coating to a deadline.

Especially for commercial and public buildings, we offer cost-effective interior design solutions with our professional use of modern application procedures. Ceilings and walls are coated with interior wall paints with the desired quality and efficient area coverage.

All attention is focussed on achieving a professional surface appearance and wall styling in the desired shade. Our technical tradesmen are also especially well prepared for work on stairwells. No matter how high they are, we give stairwells a new look from head to toe.

- cost-effective
- individual
- on time

PSS floor coatings Floors. At every step.


We coat floors with all of the know-how from our special activities, such as for example faceal Concrete Ciré and faceal Wet-look Application. As part of our painting services we also offer you coating with conventional and high-performance PU and epoxy systems. Of course, our PSS specialist tradesmen will also coat your floors according to your wishes in terms of colour and gloss level. The execution of work in stairwells is just as professional as it is in commercial and industrial companies.