Graffiti Removal & Cleaning

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Graffiti Removal & Cleaning

With technology and know-how

Cleaning surfaces on buildings is a sensitive task. Mineral substrates such as sandstone and exposed concrete require a finely dosed technique and a cautious approach. The aim is always the complete removal of graffiti or dirt without harming or even substantially damaging the surface. For this purpose the PSS technical specialists use specially equipped vehicles which can be employed anywhere regardless of water and electricity supply. Optimised results are achieved with high-pressure water cleaning adjusted to the substrate. Graffiti on other substrates such as plastic, glass or metal is removed with special graffiti removers.

PSS® Graffiti Removal Buildings and facades. unprotected.

Graffiti removal on unprotected mineral substrates is a task with many unknowns. Successful graffiti removal depends on the type of graffiti spray, type of substrate, nature of the surface (absorbent), weather (sunlight), age of the graffiti and last but not least, the time of year. On unprotected surfaces, a special selection of biodegradable graffiti removers is used. A residue-free removal cannot be guaranteed in every case. Therefore, prophylactic and environmentally compatible PSS 20 graffiti protection is recommended. With professional use of machinery, graffiti removers and specialist know-how, PSS graffiti removal enables the best possible results.

- optimised machine equipment
- biodegradable graffiti removers
- RAL-certified specialist company

PSS® Graffiti Removal Construction sites and concrete. protected.

Protected substrates are the better alternative for successful graffiti removal. Graffiti and dirt can be systematically removed from protected surfaces without harming the material or leaving residue, which is not the case with unprotected substrates. A reversible sacrificial layer system or a permanent system creates the preconditions for this. From an environmental protection perspective, we give preference to our sacrificial layer system PSS 20 Graffiti Protection: based on purely vegetable raw materials, PSS 20 is entirely harmless. To remove graffiti, the sacrificial layer system just needs to be loosened with hot water and a little gentle pressure and then the protective film can be “peeled off” together with the graffiti. On permanent systems, our PSS technical specialists work with bio-degradable graffiti removers. Permanent graffiti protection ensures a residue-free result. Our PSS technical specialists also work successfully on third party graffiti protection systems. One good example is the Berlin Wall. PSS graffiti removal on protected substrates:

- efficient
- residue-free
- on time


PSS® Surface Cleaning A clean solution. For concrete and natural and artificial stone.

Over time, dirt and moss formations accumulate on vertical and horizontal areas such as facades and floors. Our PSS specialists provide professional cleaning and value preservation. With the state-of-the-art equipment of the PSS machine vehicles, the appearance of the substrates is restored with the sure instincts of experts. This lets facades and floors made of concrete and natural or artificial stone shine again with their original appearance.

- professional use of machines
- own electricity and water supply
- gentle to surfaces