PSS Maintenance & value preservation

Concrete. Natural stone.

PSS Maintenance & value preservation

Preserving value. Defying the ravages of time with a concept.

We recommend concepts for the maintenance of buildings. Of course, our PSS specialist tradesmen also carry out one-off services such as graffiti removal on unprotected substrates and surface cleaning, but regular maintenance prevents irreversible damage and has a prophylactic effect against graffiti attacks.
Our PSS maintenance concepts are always adapted to your requirements and the property-specific circumstances. The appropriate surface protection, one-off measures and especially intervals are derived from these.

PSS® Facility Buildings and quarters. All-round protection.

With PSS Facility we offer holistic surface and facade protection with a defined cycle. This means all-round protection – all around your property, all-year-round and with around-the-clock contactability. Our surface protection systems PSS 20, faceal Oleo HD and faceal 2C AGP2 offer the basis for this. As part of the new protection, we offer you a maintenance concept specially tailored to your property and requirements. For example, you can agree to have cleaning carried out 6, 8 or even 12 times per year. Benefit from cleaning at a preferential price and with attractive price fixing from more than 3 years with PSS 20 and 5 years with faceal Oleo HD. For example, as with a subscription, you can call for cleaning or graffiti removal, which is carried out by the PSS specialists within 5 working days. For a small emergency flat rate we will carry out the removal within six hours, day or night. Our PSS specialists can be contacted 24/7 and ensure problem-free cleaning and removal – this means they come at customer and property-friendly times without a surcharge. We offer this service across Germany in the metropolises of Berlin, Cologne (Rhine-Ruhr), Frankfurt (Rhine-Main), Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Munich.

Additionally: in line with our all-round service approach, we are supplementing our special PSS portfolio (PSS 20 and faceal) with classic facade and wall designs; for example, our PSS specialists also renovate plaster and metal facades as well as external thermal insulation composite systems using our special surface treatment know-how. PSS Facility – for attractively maintained facades, buildings and whole quarters.

- all surfaces
- with an agreed regular cycle
- all-inclusive packages

PSS Facility

All-round protection of facades and properties:
- special PSS and faceal surface protection
- attractive subscription maintenance concepts
- contactable 24/7
- emergency service
- complete cleaning
- renovation of all substrates
- indoors and outdoors

PSS 20® Facility Preserving facades. With eco-friendly surface protection.

The dirt and graffiti protection system PSS 20, based on one hundred percent vegetable polysaccharides, is ideal for maintenance concepts focussing on value preservation and the environment. Dirt and graffiti are cleared away by the removal of the reversible PSS 20 protective film at regular intervals. This can be carried out on particular areas or all over. The areas are then protected again with PSS 20. PSS 20 Facades - always clean and always environmentally friendly.

- also especially for heritage-protected properties
- the eco-friendly graffiti maintenance concept
- especially in sensitive environmental areas

faceal® Facility Building protection. With a firm connection.

faceal modifies the quality of the surface – in user-friendly designs with a very wide variety of properties. Configured mineral surfaces with a firm, long-lasting connection. These create the preconditions for a continuously clean and intact surface. faceal Facility means regular e.g. annual cleaning. And - depending on the product system - for possible refreshing with an inspection of the areas. faceal Facility – a firm connection for long-lasting value preservation.

- long-term protection
- cleaning at set intervals
- compatible with PSS 20