Surface protection & finish

oleophobic. hydrophobic.

Surface protection & finish

Multifunctional building protection. Indoors and outdoors.

A mineral substrate has a porous surface – fine, medium or coarse-pored depending on the material. Water-based and oil-based dirt can penetrate into the pores. This results in persistent shadows and residues.
The faceal surface protection settles on the walls of the pores or capillaries. This lowers the surface tension so that it is below that of oil and water-based dirt and these can no longer penetrate into the pores. Since the molecules of faceal surface protection are deposited in the capillaries, they do not form a film on the surface and are not visible.

This principle can easily be recognised in the example of a faceal Facade l Wall treated with the faceal Oleo HD high-performance impregnation

Configuring mineral surfaces.

faceal surface protection has a whole range of itemised products for differently pored substrates. Each individual product is distinguished by a very particular profile and unique selling point. And individual products can also be combined in a modular system for customer-specific solutions. The surface protection formulation is specially worked out for the specific property by the consultants and applied in precise dosages by the trained PSS specialists. The result is high-performance facades and walls with individually configured surface protection.


Mineral substrates are equipped with an open-pored faceal impregnation with fat and water-repellent surface properties.


Absorbent facades are treated with faceal (high-performance) hydrophobisations to provide value-preserving building protection with active protection against moisture and dirt.


Concrete is protected at defined penetration depths with special faceal depth hydrophobisations.


Another faceal highlight: porous building materials are hardened by the purely mineral stabilisation and have a hydrophobic effect after their treatment.


Depending on the product specification, faceal surfaces are highly abrasion-resistant and thus also ideal for the surface treatment of mineral floors.


faceal products, designed according to DIN EN 1504:2:2004 and furnished with an appropriate CE marking, protect structures against water, chloride and carbonation.

Impregnations and seals

In the faceal philosophy, the aim is to improve the mineral substrates in a targeted way, in terms of their properties and looks, but not to change them. The faceal range focuses upon non-film-forming (high-performance) impregnations and is supplemented with seals for specific purposes. For example, seals with an appropriate gloss level are combined for special applications such as that of a maintaining wear layer on the floor. faceal facades and walls are normally open-pored and open to water vapour diffusion.

faceal® Facades l Walls faceal Oleo Plant B. New! Plant B - multifunctional protective layer. Made from vegetable raw materials.

The “Plant B” line is a new addition to the faceal family of products. It represents a high-performance alternative for the previous multifunctional faceal surface protection. The name faceal Oleo Plant B is not just a play on “plan B”, but also an abbreviation for plant based. faceal Plant B is primarily manufactured from renewable raw materials. faceal Oleo Plant B makes no compromises in the performance profile of enhanced facades and walls. faceal Oleo Plant B facades and walls are extremely oil and water-repellent, extremely abrasion-resistant and antiskid. And of course Plant B is bio-degradable.

- oleophobic and hydrophobic
- extremely high-performance
- long-lasting

Moreover, thanks to its extreme resistance to abrasion, faceal Plant B is extremely well-suited to use on floors.

faceal Oleo Plant B

  • solvent-free (VOC < 5 g/l)
  • UV-stable and does not yellow
  • suitable for all porous and slightly porous mineral substrates (natural and artificial stone, concrete, terracotta, sandstone, granite, plaster, …)
  • on facades, walls and floors, indoors and outdoors
    Solvent-free, high-performance impregnation based on resin that is more than 50 % from renewable raw materials and extracts such as wheat, corn, turnips and tree resin

Logo of ecological graffiti protection in green

faceal® Facades l Walls Permanent graffiti protection

The “heavy duty” version of faceal surface protection is certified according to RAL GZ 841/2. It provides facades and walls with lasting protection against graffiti. The high-performance impregnation faceal Oleo HD is distinguished by an optimised formulation in terms of adhesion and protective effect. High resistance to abrasion underscores its performance. Graffiti can be removed from the same place several times using graffiti removers and light water pressure.

- permanent
- visually hardly noticeable
- resistant to mechanical stress

faceal® Floors Purist floors. Lasting care.

Mineral floors fascinate with their characteristic surface appearance. faceal floors possess impressive finishes: in an urban look, transparent, coloured or even with a special effect. This way, colourful, unique scenes with their own character are created with the faceal Concrete Cire range. The transparent faceal high-performance impregnation provides floors with multifunctional protection. And with the faceal wet-look system, as a high-performance surface seal with a refresh wear layer, floors are efficiently protected against household stains and wear marks. In short: faceal floors are designed to be user-friendly and to fulfil the customer’s requirements